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Clarinet, Saxophone

How to Rotate Your Reeds

A simple step-by-step process to get the most out of every box.

1. Open

It all starts with a new box of reeds. Open your reeds from the FlowPacks and carefully remove from the packaging. Start by breaking in 2-4 reeds.

2. Label

Label your reeds to keep track of which reed you just played and which is next in line. This can be done in a variety of ways (numbers, letters, colors, etc). This example uses days of the week, which works wonders for beginners.

Rotation by Days of the Week

3. Rotate

Rotate your reeds according to the days of the week.

4. Store

Next, wipe off excess saliva and store reeds in a quality case between sessions. Inspect daily for damage or filth. Discard damaged or gross looking reeds immediately regardless of their age.

5. Refresh

At the beginning of each month, "refresh" your rotation by replacing your old reeds with fresh, broken-in reeds. This is the key to a successful and hygienic reed rotation.