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How do you become a musician? Where does it start? No matter our current level, for all of us on the musician's journey it started with an inspiration. It could have been a school instrument trial night, school band/orchestra, it could have been a concert we attended at a young age, a sibling, or a friend. Someone inspired us to follow music. From there, we listened to music, we were given instruments to learn, rehearsals, concerts, teachers, and more shaped the future of our musical lives.

At every step of the way, our community shapes our musical journey. This is possibly the one thing I love most about music and the community I am a part of here at Denis Wick. I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, playing music together, etc. As the North American Denis Wick Product Specialist and Artist Manager, I have built a career around this one thing that I love. For the past few years, I have really felt a need to bring the Denis Wick community that I interact with, to the rest of the brass world. I wish the students that I meet at conventions could be a part of the conversations about product, performance, and life, that I have with my artists and colleagues. I wish you all could see some of the concerts I enjoy where my artists are performing the most amazing and inspiring music I have heard. These and many more things, I wish you could all be a part of because I know how much of a difference these experiences would have made for me when I was a student if that opportunity existed, or in my current life as a musician and marketer.