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The Great Debate: Trombone vs. Euphonium Mouthpieces

By Tim Deuppen

4al again

What Makes the Classic 4AL Trombone Our Top Selling Mouthpiece for Trombone?

10 CS

Why Did Denis Wick Create the 10CS for Trombone


Take The Lead: Finding the right lead trumpet mouthpiece

By Mary Galime

Straight mutes

The Best Comparison of Trumpet Straight Mutes

By Josh Rzepka

Moral Code

The Moral Code of Mouthpieces

By Mary Galime

Find Step up

Finding a Step-Up mouthpiece: Tips for you and your students

Copy of Products 1

Steps to Choosing your Mouthpiece

Maurice Murphy 1

The Maurice Murphy Series for Trumpet

Mpc man square

How Denis Wick Mouthpieces are Made

IMG 6995

How Denis Wick Mutes are Made

Find out how Denis Wick achieves it's unmatched consistency in manufacturing.

Tuba mpcs

Finding The Right Tuba Mouthpiece with Velvet Brown

By Velvet Brown

Buddy 1

Gear and Career advice for trumpet players with Buddy Deshler

Mpc measurements 1

How to Measure and Compare Mouthpieces

By Ryan Adamsons

Copy of Denis Wick App 1

Find all the details on the Denis Wick App

Denis Wick Heritage Trumpet Mouthpieces v 3

Product Review: The NEW Denis Wick Heritage Mouthpiece for Trumpet

By Josh Rzepka

Wooden mutes 1

Product Review: Listen and Learn about Denis Wick Wooden Mutes

By Scott Robinson

Decker Cup

Trombone Mute Review: Adjustable Cup

By Decker Babcock

Decker ET

Trombone Mute Review: Extending Tube

By Decker Babcock

Decker Travel

Trombone Mute Review: Travel Mute

By Decker Babcock