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Top Repertoire Choices for Tuba

By Aaron Tindall


Six Studies in English Folksong - Ralph Vaughan Williams

This is some of the most beautiful, simplistically written music from the pen of Vaughan Williams. It provides a challenge to players of all levels in terms of dynamic contrasts, and phrasing.


Sonate for Bass Tuba and Piano - Paul Hindemith

The "staple" sonata for our instrument! Every tubist should spend time to "live" for a while within this piece, as it possesses many rhythmic and metric challenges throughout.


Concerto for Bass Tuba - Ralph Vaughan Wiliams

This was our first concerto, written in 1954. Tuba players will see this as the compulsory solo piece on almost every orchestral audition.


Concerto for Tuba - John Williams

Written by major Hollywood film composer, John Williams, his Concerto combines lyricism, agility, wit, and emotional drive within each phrase. The solo part and orchestral parts/reduction are all extremely "busy."


Variations in Olden Style - Thomas Stevens

This is one of the first solos that I have my students learn upon beginning the F tuba. The key, and register it is written in is perfect for a beginning "high tuba player." We have no baroque repertoire originally written for our instrument, so this piece is a perfect addition for the tuba.


Sonata for Tuba and Piano Op.34 - Trygve Madsen

Perhaps my favorite solo piece for tuba and piano, Madsen's Sonata is extremely well written for both soloist and accompanist. It features bold phrasing for the soloist, and intricately woven lines for the pianist. The work is a challenge for any soloist, and when played well will leave every audience member walking away satisfied.

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